Friday, October 01, 2010

Ida Ruben for Parris Glendening, 1998

This year's Governor's race has certain parallels with 1998. Both years saw an incumbent Democrat in a rematch with a tough opponent, and both years saw low primary turnout in MoCo. The success of any Democratic Governor nominee depends on both percentage and turnout in MoCo.

So back then, District 20 Senator Ida Ruben did her part, sending out the mailer below to her ultra-liberal constituents on behalf of Governor Parris Glendening. (We hope the Governor forgave her for mis-spelling his first name.) Ruben tore into GOP challenger Ellen Sauerbrey, saying:

I served with Ellen Sauerbrey. She is no moderate Republican. She is a "right wing" conservative Republican whose interests are not ours. As a Delegate, she opposed education funding, gun control, civil rights and other initiatives that you asked me to fight for!

This is a critical election. If you stay at home, you will be giving Ellen Sauerbrey your vote.

Glendening went on to beat Sauerbrey by ten points. The current Democratic Governor should consider using this tactic.