Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GOP Executive Candidate Blasts Post for Ignoring His Existence (Updated)

Republican County Executive candidate Doug Rosenfeld is blasting the Post for saying in its endorsement editorial that Democratic County Executive Ike Leggett is running unopposed. The Post has corrected the error online and promised, "An editorial on that contest will appear in the coming days." But Rosenfeld told WTOP, "I don't see how you recall an action like this because people will take this endorsement guide with them to the polls." Additionally, the Post has reported on Rosenfeld's candidacy at least twice before. Any editorial writer reading the newspaper's own reporting would learn quickly of a Republican candidate for Executive.

Following is Rosenfeld's press release.


October 26, 2010
Contact Person: Douglas E. Rosenfeld,
Rosenfeld for County Executive:


The editors of the Washington Post in today’s edition misrepresented that current Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett is running for re-election unopposed.
In fact, Leggett is opposed by attorney Douglas E. Rosenfeld of Potomac, who entered the race on May 24, 2010, four days before Leggett.

The Post’s misrepresentation came in a column identifying its editors’ endorsements for political races throughout Montgomery County.

“I am shocked but not surprised by the Post’s action,” said Rosenfeld, a former journalist who has been campaigning vigorously for the office. “The Post clearly supports Leggett. Its editors have never spoken with me and have not attempted to do so. They have now published two editorials supporting Leggett’s re-election. The first came shortly after I entered the race and did not mention me. In this one they take it a step farther and say I don’t exist.”

“I won the Republican primary by a 2:1 margin over my opponent, and the Post knows that,” Rosenfeld said. “I was in a televised debate with my Republican challenger, I have an extensive website which includes on-line videos (one of which is now appearing on Montgomery Access TV), and I have been making regular public appearances. “

“Given this context, I find it impossible to believe that the Post’s misrepresentation was inadvertent,” Rosenfeld said. “In my view, this misrepresentation may cause some individuals not to vote in the County Executive race, or to vote without full information.”

“As a former long-time Democrat, I have been hesitant to conclude that the Post’s editors intentionally seek to disadvantage Republican candidates in Montgomery County elections. But that conclusion seems inescapable to me now. No apology or retraction can undo the damage that has been done, especially since early voting already is underway.”

Doug Rosenfeld for County Executive


Authority: Rosenfeld for County Executive. Michele Rosenfeld, Treasurer

Update: The Post has repaid Rosenfeld for complaining about this by endorsing Leggett in an editorial that is mostly devoted to bashing Rosenfeld.