Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mike Knapp Awarded Contract by City of Gaithersburg

Last night, the City Council of Gaithersburg voted to approve a six-month contract with outgoing County Council Member Mike Knapp to develop a strategic plan for economic development and marketing.

According to the City Council resolution authorizing the contract:

The City Strategic Plan establishes that we will actively pursue economic development programs and strategies. Based on input from the Mayor and Council, the business community, members of the public, and City staff, we are seeking to refine our strategy in the short-term by retaining a consulting firm to assist in the following general areas –

1. Business Outreach and Consultation
2. Policy Considerations
3. Economic Development Strategic Planning
4. Website Content Development

It is possible that the firm will also be involved in evaluation of finalists for the Economic Development Director position.

Mike Knapp has formed Orion Ventures as a vehicle for returning to his former career as a technology consultant and business development executive. He will be leaving the Montgomery County Council at the end of his current term. The proposal focuses on refining our economic development strategy, improving communication efforts with existing businesses and potential prospects, and establishing guidelines and criteria for evaluating economic development opportunities.

Staff believes Mr. Knapp possesses a unique combination of business development skills (including access to and contacts within the local business community) and local government leadership experience. As such, we are requesting that his proposal be treated as a sole source.

The base term of the contract is for six months (11/01/10 to 04/30/11). There is a provision for extension upon mutual agreement. The fee for services is $12,000 per month, plus expenses not to exceed $1,250 per month, for a base contract maximum of $79,500.