Monday, March 01, 2010

Google Classifies Senator Alex Mooney's Campaign Website as "Attack Site"

On visiting the campaign website of Senator Alex Mooney (R-3), we were issued the following warning by Google.

This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Attack sites try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

Some attack sites intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.
We clicked on the "Why was this site blocked?" button and were sent to this screen:

Note Google's descriptions of "suspicious activity" and "malicious software" and its opinion that "visiting this web site may harm your computer."

Come on now Dems, fess up. This can't be a coincidence. Either the state Dems hacked Mooney's website or Susie Turnbull has raised so much money that the Maryland Dems have actually purchased Google!