Saturday, January 09, 2010

On Books, Blogs and Politics

By Jud Ashman.

MPW is most assuredly not an "event calendar," but Adam has a secret motive in indulging this off-topic post on the upcoming Gaithersburg Book Festival: he is going to be one of our many fascinating featured speakers.

That's right! This is an early invitation. Come to the grounds of Gaithersburg City Hall on Saturday, May 15th, when you'll have a chance among other things, to see your favorite pundit, policy wonk, and provocateur, Adam Pagnucco speak about blogging the 2010 campaigns, his relationship with the mainstream media, and his successes working in this relatively new medium.

And to those who aren't so enamored with Adam's insights and musings, this might also be a good opportunity to come and heckle him... until his handlers escort you off the premises! (Bet he didn't think of that when he said yes!)

Stay tuned for more on this great event.

Jud Ashman
Gaithersburg City Council