Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top Blog Posts, September 2009

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in September 2009, which was our second consecutive record month.

1. Montgomery College President Wanted for Arrest in Arizona
2. A Voice from the Other Half: Montgomery College Part-Time Faculty Member Speaks
3. Zina Pierre and the District 30 Dilemma
4. Pols Party While Budget Burns
5. Johnson Arrest Warrant Case Gets Stranger
6. Hunk of the Hill Runs for Delegate
7. Montgomery College Arrest Warrant Story Explodes
8. MoCo Primaries to Watch, Part Three
9. Forehand Fights Back
10. What the Montgomery College Board of Trustees Should Do Now

Clearly, the Montgomery College stories at the begining of the month drew a lot of attention. But they are not the last word as we are still investigating.

The most-downloaded graphics are still those portraying the MACO drunks. Maybe Marylanders wish they could go out partying with these guys rather than face unemployment in sobriety.

The biggest part of this scandal is that inebriated exhibitionist photographer Jeremy Rosendale is still listed as a member of the Governor's staff. It's nice to see that someone in the state has job security!

Older articles that received attention include our MoCo Most Influential 2008 series, Maryland AFL-CIO Backs Slots and our personal favorite, Mike Miller is Not Going Anywhere. The latter story spawned the most famous nickname in Annapolis, the Senate President's timeless moniker of "Big Daddy." You never, ever forget your Daddy, and so it will be with Annapolis whenever Miller finally leaves. (We may land people on Mars first.)

We'll be back in a few weeks with more of your top picks!