Thursday, October 15, 2009

GOP Delegate Compares Maryland to Bankrupt General Motors

In a comment on the Washington Post blog that listed state legislators who have not yet given back any pay to match state employees' furlough days, one Maryland Delegate defiantly compared the state to America's most famous formerly bankrupt company.

An individual using the tag "mgbnorman" said this:

FYI, as a member of the House of Delegates I chose to make a donation of $600.00 to a local charity, the ARC of Maryland, where such an amount might possibly make a difference, rather than have a deposit made into the general funds of Maryland. That would have been like contributing a nickle to help General Motors in their
bankruptcy. Wayne Norman, District 35 A.

Posted by: mgbnorman | October 14, 2009 4:34 PM
Delegate H. Wayne Norman (R-35A) of Harford County has never been elected to the statehouse. He was appointed by the Harford County Republican Central Committee to replace Delegate Barry Glassman in December 2007, who was previously appointed to fill a vacant Senate seat. Norman is a debt collection attorney and brags on his website that his practice "is recognized as one of the best in Harford and Maryland." Is the recession good for business?

Norman may not want to contribute any money to the state government, which is currently laying off employees and furloughing many thousands of others, but he has given $1,105 to state GOP funds and $200 to former Republican Congressman Wayne Gilchrest since 2003.

We asked Delegate Norman's office for confirmation that the commenter was really him. His office has not yet responded. But we should note that the commenter's tag, "mgbnorman," matches Norman's email address of