Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dereck Davis Promotes Electricity Competition

At a time when many politicians are seeking to re-monopolize the electricity industry, Delegate Dereck Davis (D-25) is actually promoting savings from competition as a constituent service. And guess what? Both the Delegate and District 25 residents will benefit.

In July, we illustrated how consumers could save big bucks off their electric bill by switching their power generation purchases to cheaper suppliers. That blog post was the third most-popular post in our record-breaking summer of 2009. The problem is that re-regulation will end competition by once again forcing consumers to buy their electricity from monopolies. So while politicians can howl about cracking down on overpaid Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck, re-regulation would actually force many of their constituents to buy their power from his company. How is this good for us?

Dereck Davis gets it. Check out this flyer advertising an energy forum at Prince George's County Community College on October 20. Davis says that he will work to, "Ensure that the energy market in Maryland stays competitive in order to provide the best service and most affordable prices to consumers." When Delegate Davis shows his constituents that they can save double digits off their power bill while simultaneously switching to clean energy providers, a lot of them are going to thank him.