Monday, March 30, 2009

One Step Forward for the Stadium, One Step Backward for Maryland (Updated)

By Marc Korman.

Maryland Moment has announced that the House Appropriations Committee has voted 17-7 in favor of a feasibility study for the proposed DC United stadium in Prince George’s County. The legislation does not authorize any bonds, just a study which of course does carry a cost of a few hundred thousand dollars.

The no votes and their party affiliation were: Gaines (D), Clagett (D), Stocksdale (R), Bates (R), Levy (D), Beitzel (R) and Eckardt (R).

Delegate Gaines is one of three Prince George’s county delegates on the panel. Delegate Proctor, also from Prince George’s County, was excused from the vote.

From Montgomery County, Delegates Heller, Gutierrez, and Bronrott all supported the legislation. Delegate Mizeur was absent.

Update: Now the bill has constitutional problems.