Monday, March 09, 2009

Klumpp Endorses Kramer

Maryland Moment is reporting that Marilyn and Don Praisner's daughter, Alison Klumpp, is endorsing Ben Kramer.

According to Maryland Moment:

Alison Praisner-Klumpp, one of the Praisners' three children and the only one who lives in Montgomery County, said she made her decision after talking with many of her parents' friends and meeting Sunday with Kramer for coffee.

She was impressed, she said, by his grasp of the issues and how he answered her concerns about his work as a commercial developer. Marilyn Praisner was a leading voice on the council for tightening the county's development rules. As a candidate, Don Praisner declined to accept donations from the development industry.

"I had heard that he was a big, bad developer," Praisner-Kumpp said of Kramer. "Yes, he builds and owns shopping centers, but he always looks closely at infrastructure before building."

Praisner-Klumpp added that Kramer said he had "no intention of taking developer money" and that he was committed to running again in 2010 if he prevails in the special election.
Just a note: Kramer has already accepted money from the real estate industry. On 8/22/06, the Apartment and Office Building Association's Maryland State PAC gave him $500. And on 1/8/07, the Realtors Political Action Committee gave him $200.