Monday, July 06, 2009

Big Daddy and the Millers

Republican Ron Miller, who was crushed by Senate President Mike "Big Daddy" Miller by 40 points in 2006, is running against him again. Ron Miller put out a press release today announcing his candidacy and slamming his opponent for advocating a gas tax increase. It figures that the Republicans are going after Big Daddy on the one issue on which he is indisputably right.

Now if we really wanted to have maximum name confusion, we could get soon-to-be-retiring WSSC Wild Child Juanita Miller to run. Big Daddy spanked her by 29 points in the 2002 primary. (Want to bet that Mike Miller's thundering WSSC letter was not driven in part by the actions of Commissioner Juanita?) But we will have no such luck as she is running for the Prince George's County Council.

So what happens if Juanita Miller wins? Big Daddy and the Wild Child will have to work together hand in hand for the people of Prince George's County. Yeah, we'd pay serious money to see that!