Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Chaos at WSSC

Volcanic WSSC Commissioner Juanita Miller is at it again. The following email from an anonymous WSSC employee to the Prince George's and Montgomery County Councils alleges that Miller is going around the Interim General Manager to meddle with personnel issues. We will be reporting a lot more on Juanita Miller in the near future!

Dear Respected Councilmembers,

I have seen the recent article via the WTOPNEWS website about WSSC and the comments made by you and could not agree more. At this time I would prefer to remain anonymous since I am a current WSSC employee BUT I am also a rate-payer in PG county. I would like to give some additional information about a part of the inner workings at WSSC. It seems at least one commissioner has decided to take it upon herself to interject into employee relations within the organization. While this is always helpful and appreciated when done in a positive manner, I feel she is creating a negative environment by her comments and with what some might consider an attack on our Human Resources Group Leader. With any organization, preserving the Chain of Command preserves order. The HR Group Leader is answerable to the Deputy General Manager and General Manager.

The Commissioner in question SHOULD have gone through the Acting General Manager if she has an issue with ANY employee since that is the responsiblity of the General Manager and senior management, NOT directly to the employee, in this case the HR Group Leader and not through a public broadcast.

Below is the latest email from her to ALL Commission employees, Commissioners and Acting Deputy Manager. She does not even include the Acting General Manager. If this Commissioner is having an issue this should be addressed through Senior Management only and not ALL Commission employees.

Latest EMAIL:

From: Miller, Juanita
Sent: Mon 1/26/2009 12:01 PM
To: McKinney, Yvonne; Chow, Rudolph Cc: #Commission Employees; #Commissioners
Subject: PMS

Ms. McKinney: This is to document and apprise you of your apparent disregard of and disrespect for providing a response to the inquiry made on January 5th and 11th. You have not even sent an acknowledgement to indicate that you received and would follow up on the concerns expressed in the correspondence on this issue. Let's be very clear, a direct request from a Commissioner supercedes the protocol of going thru a "chain of command" to provide "substantive" information to the leadership of this agency. There have been major concerns expressed relative to the PMS process. And I initially inquired about the procedure for which you have either ignored or refused to respond. This conduct is unacceptable. Employees have a right to question a process and procedures that impact their careers and they deserve responses and clarification!! Therefore a response to my inquiries is expected by the close of business on January 28, 2009. I prefer that it be transmitted via email.

Editor's Note: Yvonne McKinney is WSSC's Director of Human Resources. Rudolph Chow is the Interim General Manager. Teresa Daniell, the Interim General Manager, was not copied on the email.