Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Daddy’s Revenge (Updated!)

Unfathomably, GOP Senators Alex Mooney (R-3), Janet Greenip (R-33) and Andy Harris (R-7) voted against Mike Miller’s inevitable re-election as Senate President again. All regular readers know how important defending the honor of Big Daddy is to the authors of this blog. And so we asked our informants this question: how should Miller go about punishing the renegades who so ill-advisedly resist his rule? One of our most devious spies offered this suggestion:

Mooney, Greenip and Harris should spend 24 hours on death row, eating the food and sitting in the cell like other death row inmates. Ten minutes before midnight, they should be marched to the death chamber where the hooded executioner, Mike Miller, issues them a “get out of jail free” card. In a twist of irony, each learns a lesson: the three understand the inhumanity of the death penalty, and Miller enjoys a rare taste of benevolence.
Big Daddy – benevolent?! We’d pay rock-star money to see that!

Update: Another spy offers this:

Obviously, the penalty should be for Miller to lock them in a room with Rob Garagiola, Mike Lenett, Roger Manno, and Saqib Ali, with instructions that the first one to eat an entire Republican gets to succeed Van Hollen in Congress.