Thursday, February 12, 2009

Washington Post Ignores Cary Lamari (Updated)

In its brief coverage of the District 4 special election, the Washington Post made an inexplicable mistake: ignoring the campaign of former Montgomery County Civic Federation President Cary Lamari.

Lamari ran for an at-large seat on the County Council in 2006. He considered entering last year's special election, but dropped out to support Don Praisner.

We reported Lamari's candidacy six days ago after talking to him directly. We also covered his relaunched website and his announcement statement earlier this week. Given the abundant direct evidence of Lamari's candidacy from this blog, the Post has no excuse for omitting him from their election coverage.

The Post owes Cary Lamari an immediate correction and an apology.

Update: The Gazette's Janel Davis did not make the Post's mistake.