Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saqib Stimulates the MoCo Delegation

MPW readers have seen before that Delegate Saqib Ali (D-39) is a vigorous man. Accordingly, his efforts to advocate for his local bill banning the sale of sexual stimulants to minors have gotten some members of Montgomery’s statehouse delegation aroused. But not in a good way!

Delegate Ali sent the following email to constituents of other Montgomery legislators urging them to tell their Delegates to vote for his bill:

Subject: Ask Delegate X to Protect Kids From Dangerous Chemicals!

Dear Friend,

Today I'm writing to you with an urgent request like none I have ever asked of you before. I need your help in passing some very important legislation currently being considered by the Maryland General Assembly. I hope you can spare 5 minutes reading this email and taking some quick action to help a very good cause.

I have recently proposed legislation to protect children in Montgomery County from having access to certain “herbal supplement” products. If you visit a few area gas-stations or convenience stores, you may be surprised (as I was) to find Herbal Sexual Stimulant pills being sold next to the candy-bars. This sounds like a joke, but it is absolutely true. They are sold under sleazy names such as “Horny Goat Weed” and “Stamina-Rx”. These pills are sold over-the-counter without restriction for $6 - $8 each to anyone who wants them. Next time you fill up your gas tank, go inside and ask the store clerk.

There are numerous risks to public safety caused by the unrestricted sale of such pills:

These pills are not approved by the FDA. So there are very little safety standards in place.
These pills are sold over-the-counter but contain prescription drugs
Each packet is labeled with a warning that children under 18 should not use them. Yet they are sold to people of all ages.
There are numerous reports of teenagers abusing these pills for recreational and experimental purposes.
These pills are known to cause the medical condition priapism which is very dangerous and potentially lethal.
These pills can cause lethal reactions if mixed with other medications.
The age of sexual consent in Maryland is 16. So children under that age really shouldn't be buying sexual products.
I have laid out the case against selling these pills in painstaking detail with footnotes and references to scientific journals. You can see that entire case by clicking here.

For this reason, I have introduced “MC-908/09: The No So-Called Sexual Stimulants For Kids Act”. This bill would ban the sale of sexual stimulant pills to anyone under 18 years old. This bill will face its first vote sometime later this week.

However, I need your help. You see, I'm not sure if there are enough votes to pass this bill. I need every vote I can get. However, your representative -- Delegate X -- hasn't committed to voting for this bill. Could you pick up the phone and call Delegate X’s office right now? And could you send Delegate X an email too? I hope your call might help convince Delegate X to vote for this common-sense public safety measure.

Here is the contact information:

Tel #: (410) 841-XXXX
Email: [delegate.x]

Please make sure to:

Use your full legal name
Include your residential address
CC: on any email you send.
Ask that a written response be provided to you
Be polite and respectful but clear in your request. Here is what you can say and write:

“Dear Delegate X,

As your constituent and a faithful voter, I earnestly ask you to vote for MC-908/09: The No So-Called Sexual Stimulants For Kids Act. This is a common-sense public safety measure that will keep dangerous chemicals out of the hands of our children.

Please let me know at the earliest if I can count on you to vote for MC-908/09 later this week.


Your Name Here

Your Address Here”

Please make the call, and send the email right now, before it gets too late!

Please let me know the response you get.

Delegate Saqib Ali
(301) 685-3409

Friends of Saqib Ali, Authority Christopher Wilhelm, Treasurer
Several of Delegate Ali’s colleagues received emails citing this one. As a result, a few of them got pretty hot and bothered – and without any chemical aid whatsoever. The bill was put on hold at a County Affairs Committee meeting on 2/5/09. (One shameless Delegate actually wondered aloud whether the penalties were “stiff enough.”) Delegate Ali withdrew the bill six days later.

Expect more stimulation next year.