Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Cheap Shot of the Special Election

Former District 4 Republican candidate Mark Fennel had this to say about the upcoming special election in a comment on Maryland Moment:

I've called an emergency meeting of my closest political advisors in my "War Room" to develope a detailed battle plan of attack. Indeed, the "Dogs of War" have been summoned.

Is this the same Nancy Navarro who negotiated, and placed an over-the-top teachers contract at the feet of the Council to deal with, when faced with unsustainable budgets, and massive budget deficits?

Is the the same Nancy Navarro who highlighted Gustavo Torres's praise of her in a press release, the same Torres who is the Executive Director of the illegal immigrant lobby group, Casa of Maryland. The same Torres who recently flew to Hugo Chavez's Venezuala, where Navarro was born, to acquire a $1.5 Million grant for CASA of Maryland. Venezuala, who just expelled our ambasaddors, had military maneuvers with Russia, and constantly threatens to cut off our oil.

And she highlighted Gustavo Torres's endorsement of her in her last campaign for this seat!

Anyone but Navarro!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark D. Fennel
Maybe Fennel is right. What if this is part of a scheme by Hugo Chavez to build a Citgo refinery in Burtonsville? Or perhaps Navarro is plotting to declare martial law and force East County residents to dig a tunnel all the way to Latin America. Or maybe Navarro and Vladimir Putin have signed a secret agreement to build a Russian missile silo under Fennel’s house.

Or maybe Mark Fennel needs to see Robin Ficker for lessons on how to temper his rhetoric.

Of course, all of this comes on the heels of last year’s illegal anti-Navarro robocalls. Why is it that the cheapest, lowest, dirtiest shots are always directed at Navarro?