Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who is MoCo's Smartest Pundit?

Last week, MPW held a contest between some of MoCo's most-addicted political junkies to pick Presidential, Senate and Maryland races. So who won?

The answer: we are not yet declaring a winner. While all of the Presidential states are in and the Maryland races are decided (with Ficker almost certainly winning), three Senate races are still outstanding. The Minnesota contest is headed to a full recount. Absentee and early ballots are still being counted in Alaska, though Fivethirtyeight.com believes Begich will probably defeat Stevens. And the Georgia race is headed for a run-off on December 2. So it's just too early to pick a winner.

That is not stopping some of our participants from pressuring me to label them "The Smartest Pundit in MoCo." One of them emailed me, "Are we going to recognize how awesome my picks were?" When I told this person that I had not yet decided who won, the individual wrote back, "It's totally me!" Another person wanted to know whether I would be posting an interim scorecard. When I said I would do only one post declaring a winner, this individual replied, "I’ll be on pins and needles until then!" Who knew that these gibbering addicts were so competitive?

So here is what will happen. After the Alaska and Minnesota races are decided, I will post one tally of the results by participant. If the Georgia run-off changes the outcome, I will do another post after it concludes. (David Lublin and Jamie Raskin were the only two prognosticators who picked Martin to beat Chambliss.) We are just going to have to wait a bit.

So if you are one of those contestants, don't be stupid enough to email me asking, "When are you declaring me the Smartest Pundit in MoCo?" If you do that, I will instead write a post declaring you "The Biggest Narcissist in MoCo!"