Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cockroaches Pray for Bradley Effect

I've read a lot of amazing stuff on Red Maryland, but this tops it all.

Anticipating a victory by Barack Obama, conservative blogger Chester Peake said the following last night:

Obama has promised change... his change is something we just cannot afford. I do not know how we will be able to legally thwart that change, but we must find ways of doing so. I hope the Bradley Effect (which is NOT racist, just a fear of being Wrongly Called a racist) and other factors serve to restore a sense of sanity to the decision tomorrow.

I Hope & Pray for a positive outcome, but if it does not happen, we must be on our guard. Some haters will stop at nothing to squash us into oblivion like bugs. We will have to be the cockroaches, that survive their worst efforts and live to bug them another day.
You know, we should probably not do those poor cockroaches an injustice by comparing them to Mr. Peake.