Thursday, November 27, 2008


You have committed an unthinkable act. You have actually looked at a political blog on Thanksgiving. And now you are Busted!

That’s right, you are more cooked than that turkey you’ve been burning. An automatic email has been sent alerting your significant other. Your cable reception will crash. Your beer fridge will short out. And your wicked Uncle Ernie will now stay an extra hour, torturing you with the latest tales of his stuffed fish collection.

Why on Earth did you do it? Are you really that addicted to state and local politics that you cannot take one day off? Separate yourself… slowly… from your computer. Life is hard enough for the politically fixated. (No comments please.)

So eat that extra drumstick (and that extra cookie, and that extra slice of pumpkin pie, and… well, you get the idea). Tolerate Uncle Ernie. He only comes down once a year and he has no one who listens to him except you. Root for Seattle to upset Dallas like the rest of us will. And come back next week because there will be plenty of politics then.

But don’t come back tomorrow. If you do, Uncle Ernie will move in for good!