Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Congratulations Chris and House Dems

The U.S. House results are still trickling in but looking very good at this hour, though I don't yet have an idea of the overall Democratic gain. More information after the jump.

In Maryland, Kratovil leads in the First District by around 4000 votes or 2% with 81% of precincts reporting. A stunning outcome in a formerly safe Republican district. Thank you Club for Growth and Wayne Gilchrist.

In Virginia, Democrats have won the seat formerly held by Tom Davis in northern Virginia. Democratic candidates currently have narrow leads in two seats held by Republican incumbents Virgil Goode and Thelma Drake. Looks like the Old Dominion is not just going for Obama but giving the Dems a three seat net gain to flip the House delegation to a 6-5 Democratic advantage.

Before the election, the Democrats held 1 of 3 seats in New Mexico. It looks like we will pick up both of two seats vacated by Republicans who ran for the Senate.

Chris Shays lost his seat in Connecticut leaving the GOP with no House seats in New England. In neighboring New York, the Republicans have been relegated to 3 seats out of 29 assuming that Democrats retain their narrow lead in the one seat yet to be called by CNN.

Democrats look likely to take a seat even in McCain's home state of Arizona. The gain of one seat in Arizona turns the delegation from an evenly divided 4-4 to 5-3 Democratic.