Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ficker Amendment Very Tight

According to the MoCo Board of Election unofficial results at 10:30pm, the Ficker amendment (aka County Question B) leads by 1.36%. Looks like voters are feeling grumpy about those tax increases last year.

Update from Adam: With 178 of 243 precincts reporting, Ficker is now losing by just 71 votes (115,019-114,948). MoCo has had close votes on Ficker Amendments before, but this is incredible.

Update 2: With 186 of 243 precincts, Ficker is losing by 253 votes (122,830-122,577). This may come down to absentees.

Update 3: With 212 of 243 precincts, Ficker is losing by 650 votes (143,587-142,937). How much do you want to bet Ficker will go banana-cakes and demand a recount?

Update 4: Folks, you just can't make this stuff up. With 241 of 243 precincts, Ficker is now winning by 201 votes (165,727-165,526). We are not going to know the final outcome of this until every single vote is counted.