Monday, November 24, 2008

The Hucker Ballot

On Election Day, here's what District 20 Delegate Tom Hucker and his supporters were handing out at the precincts.

We hear three tidbits about this ballot.

1. The rest of the District 20 Delegation was not told of this ballot prior to Election Day. They found out the same way as the rest of the voters: by seeing it handed out!

2. The ballot names Delegate Hucker as the "District 20 Chair, Maryland for Obama." While there was a Montgomery County for Obama organization, four different Obama volunteers we asked - including three inside District 20 - have never heard of a distinct District 20 organization.

3. The ballots were paid for by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) PAC. CWA donated $4,000 to Delegate Hucker on 8/8/06 and another $500 on 1/4/08. Their payment for these ballots may well constitute an in-kind contribution.

And they say my district is a soap opera!