Thursday, May 08, 2008

MCDCC to the Rescue

Folks, this is why we need a strong Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. In addition to mailing out a sample ballot for Don Praisner in the County Council District 4 special election, MCDCC is putting out this call for volunteers on poll coverage.

May 8, 2008

MCDCC Members:

We are approaching the Special General Election on Tuesday, May 13, 2008. It is vital that we have coverage for all precincts in this election.

I am asking the MCDCC members to support this effort by volunteering their time to help with poll coverage.

Please let us know the duration of time that you will be available. I understand that we all have a busy schedule, but we can give a portion of our time when the stakes are so high and the Republicans are running a very aggressive Get-Out-the-Vote operation.

The staff at the MCDCC office will be maintaining a precinct coverage spreadsheet that will have information regarding which precincts require coverage and the time frame for coverage needed.

By responding quickly, we can effectively make timely decisions to fill those precincts that are pending coverage.

You can help make this election run smoothly and demonstrate your support for the Council District 4 Democratic candidate, Don Praisner.

Please forward this email to your local Democratic District Clubs and ask them to send it to their databases.

Your continued commitment to supporting our Democratic Candidates is greatly appreciated.
If you want to prevent Robin Ficker from joining the County Council staff, call MCDCC at 301-946-1000.