Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chevy Chase Election Results

The Town of Chevy Chase held its annual elections for the Town Council yesterday. It was a hotly contested election with record turnout in which the Town's new land-use ordinance was a major focus. Six candidates, including all three incumbents, ran for the three seats up for election.

I'm afraid I can't report on this one in a particularly unbiased way, since I was one of the candidates. The results came in after all of the (one) precincts were counted. I was pleased and honored to be one of the three people elected to the Council along with incumbent Kathy Strom and newcomer Al Lang.

This isn't really the place but I am thankful not just to all the many people in Town who supported and worked so hard for my election but to all of the people in Chevy Chase who took time to say hello and even invited me into their homes when I knocked unannounced, often in the middle of dinner or taking care of the kids.

I should give a special thanks to Jane Lawton, who is still enormously missed in the Town since her untimely death not long ago, and to Rich Madaleno. I learned a lot about running for office--mainly the importance of listening and treating people with respect even as you stand up for your beliefs--from both of them while working on their campaigns in 2006.