Monday, February 08, 2010

Top Blog Posts, January 2010

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in January 2010.

1. County Considers $4 Million Subsidy to Bring Costco to Wheaton
2. MCEA President: Teacher Pension Handoff "Unacceptable"
3. Revelations Mount on Costco in Wheaton
4. King, Ali Battle over MPW Posts
5. Haitian Orphans Need Your Help!
6. The Simmons-Kramer Hump-or-Dump Bill
7. The Alcohol Tax: Hope for the Most Vulnerable
8. Hunk of the Hill = King of the Hill?
9. You Know You’re “Old School Montgomery County” When...
10. Kagan Outraises Forehand

The Costco story dominated last month. That story was broken by MPW with scarce acknowledgement from the mainstream media (MSM). Posts about Saqib Ali, Sam Arora and Cheryl Kagan often make the Top Ten list because all three candidates do a good job of publicizing their campaigns. Adam Luecking's guest post about Haitian orphans showed up on the first page of the Google search for those terms. And any posts about the disabled community are sure hits as they are a highly motivated and organized group.

The real surprise of the month was MCEA President Doug Prouty's speech. The union posted a link to it on the MCPS listserv and the post was immediately swamped by MCEA members. That demonstrates that MCEA's positions are not merely determined in isolation by its leadership and staff, but are in fact the subject of intense interest by its rank-and-file. Let the politicians beware of the 800-pound Gorilla!