Friday, February 26, 2010

Stud of the Statehouse

We have never seen their like before. They are legion, the faceless fans who swarm into this blog looking for information on the object of their desire. And what is that object? He is the answer to their dreams, owner of their lonely hearts and the undisputed Stud of the Statehouse:

Delegate Bill Frick (D-16).

Let us share a dark secret previously unknown to the anonymous amorous. We know what people look at when they come to this blog. We also know how they arrive here. Nearly one-fifth of our readers come in because they find one of our posts through a search engine, usually Google. And when they search, we know which search terms lead them here.

Here are some of the search terms that have been used to access information on Delegate Frick from this blog.

bill frick
bill frick maryland
“Bill frick”
Delegate Bill Frick
bill frick purple line
bILL Frick + Purple Line
Frick 2007
bill frick issues
bill frick maryland sligo
Bill Frick and election Maryland
bill frick mcdcc

What’s your secret, Bill?

So far this is not unusual. Frick is one of the most-searched politicians on this blog, usually trailing just Saqib Ali, Martin O’Malley, Cheryl Kagan and Eli El, but these terms are not standouts.

Then there are these search terms, all of which have been used to seek information on Frick since August:

Delegate Bill Frick sexy
Delegate Bill Frick hot
Handsome Delegate Bill Frick
Delegate Bill Frick awesome
bill frick smartest
bill frick hot

Now this IS unusual! No other Maryland politician arouses such thoughts in cyberspace. That is because few of them provide arousal of any kind. But the 34-year-old Frick is different. He possesses the silver tongue that enchanted the Central Committee into appointing him to Marilyn Goldwater’s old Delegate seat over better-known contenders in 2007. He possesses one of the best smiles and wittiest patters in Annapolis. And while other politicians fundraise, he seduces supporters into ponying up with such events as his “Politics and Pinot” lush-fest in Bethesda.

I wish I knew how he does it... sigh...

Here are another couple search terms that have been used to access information on Frick:

Democrat Bill Frick holds what political office?
Democrat Bill Frick holds what political office in 2009?

Do you see? Some of his admirers don’t even know what office he holds! Nor do they care.

The Stud holds court.

We pity Frick’s fevered fans. The Delegate is happily married and has two kids who are, predictably, cuter than anyone else’s kids. And so he is not available.

But as any one of the love-struck knows, unattainable dreams can be all the sweeter.