Monday, November 09, 2009

Hate Runs Amok in Post's Comments Section - Again

Four of Maryland's biggest blogs - MPW, Rockville Central, Just Up the Pike and Annapolis Capital Punishment - ban anonymous comments. Why? Because none of us wants to enable the hate rhetoric that occasionally bubbles up on the Washington Post's website.

The following comments were posted to an essay written by Egypt's Grand Mufti condemning the recent murders at Fort Hood.

Yes... but the Grand Mufti wouldnt object if Islam took over the world anyway as is the global plan.

All of Europe is beginning to get eaten up by the muslim populations and nothing is done, as yet, to end the consuming.

Good old England is likewise is beginning to disappear.

What a tragedy.

Yo Grand Mufti, where the hell were you when the 9-11 attacks happened? Why don't you speak up when Hamas and Hezbollah shoot rockets into Israel? Why don't you do something to get Iran to free the three Americans who are about to be put on trial for trumped-up charges of espionage? Why don't you speak up about the Somali pirates and their shenanigans? And why do you always wait until Islam's claim of preaching peace is called into question before you finally open your mouth?

Sorry, guy, but the rest of the world ain't buyin' it. You Muslims aren't gonna weasel your way out of this one. Your day of reckoning has arrived. No more playing the victim, no more bashing Jews and Israel and no more welcome mat at the border. Get out now.

Prophet ( profit) Mohammad, an poor, orphan who married a rich window and became wealthy and fought wars to keep Mecca and Medina! He started muslim religion! Some countries have seen through thousands of 9/11 + extreame violance from Muslims! India is living example of such cruelty from 9th century and it still has not stopped! "Cruetly, death, rape" anything and everything to posses the country!

I am not sure how all these events are not eye witness and proof of the fact that muslims can not contain themselves to what they have!

Even though 5 pillars of Islam preaches morality, the blood thirst to posses the country is overwhelmingly obvious!

[Quotes the Grand Mufti:] "This horrific attack is a complete violation of Islamic law and norms and the perpetrator is no way representative of the Muslim people or the religion of Islam."

On the contrary, this looks like exactly what muslims do.

Think suicide bombs and blowing up school buses, or attacking the UN, the very people who are trying to get food to them.

Yep, killing a bunch of innocent people sounds like just about what one would expect from an angry, crazy muslim.

As i've been living with Muslims for years, they hate any other religions. Do NOT trust what is the Egypt's Grand Mufti says in this page. Do NOT expect any goods from them. To know the real Muslim, you should listen to their teachings and to read the Quran in Arabic. Then you would know that Quran teaches NOTHING but to get rid of other believes. BE CAREFUL from any Muslim.
The one thing that every one of these comments share is that they are anonymous. The protection of secrecy is key to enabling the poisonous spew of hate. And this has happened before: witness the vile racism spraying through the Post's comments about former Montgomery College President Brian Johnson.

A substantial part of the Maryland blogosphere is trying to impose some standard of decency in our discussion sections with much more diligence than the mainstream media. If we are standing up to hate by removing its cloak of anonymity, why can't the Washington Post?