Friday, November 06, 2009

A Tribute to The Honorable Jean Cryor (1938-2009)

By Delegate Bill Bronrott (D-16).

The death of Jean Cryor is a very sad loss for everyone who knew her and for the community that she served so ably and honorably as a newspaper editor and a policymaker for two decades.

I had the good fortune of sitting next to Jean on the House Floor during her final four years in the General Assembly. In a line of work known for sharp elbows, long knives and ambitious climbers, Jean Cryor was widely admired as a class act, a decent human being, and a thoughtful legislator. She was all about grace, charm and wit, and had a grown-up's perspective about life and a wonderful sense of humor to go along with it.

During her last term, Jean was the only Republican in the 32-member Montgomery County Delegation. At times, she joked about her status as the “chair” of the county delegation’s “GOP Caucus” and its remarkable harmony under her leadership. In fact, Jean’s natural ability to analyze an issue on its own merit and reach across the aisle was proof that once in a while party labels really don't matter.

No matter how tense the moment or difficult the task facing us, Jean never lost her smile or generous spirit. Her words were measured, and when she spoke people listened. Jean also knew instinctively when less said was better. She also had a certain sparkle in her eye that could speak volumes without having to say a word.

Jean Cryor will be greatly missed, but how fortunate we were that this Philadelphia native made Montgomery County, Maryland, her home and professional passion.

May she rest in peace.

Bill Bronrott
House of Delegates
District 16, Bethesda