Saturday, November 14, 2009

Turnbull Congratulates Scott... Sort of

This is about the most backhanded "congratulations" we've ever seen. Somewhere former Maryland Democrats Press Secretary David Paulson is smiling.

Media Contacts: David Sloan
Office: 410.269.8818



ANNAPOLIS, MD (November 14th, 2009)

“I congratulate Audrey Scott on her selection as the new Chair of the Maryland Republican Party. I'm hopeful that in the months ahead we can have a spirited conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing our state and our nation. I am especially proud of the progress our Democratic leadership has made on so many issues from improving public education in our schools to reducing violent crime in our communities.

“At the national, state, and local levels, Maryland Democrats are focused on finding solutions, working hard to manage the national recession, helping our small businesses create new jobs and new opportunities, and providing workforce training and assistance for those families hit hardest by these very difficult times. In fact, Governor O'Malley was just named Governor of the Year by the nonpartisan "Governing Magazine" for his results-driven and innovative efforts to reform state government and make it more accountable.

“While Maryland Democrats are focused on solutions, we are also focused on the future. Since November 2008, 77% of all new registered voters were Democrats, while only 6% were Republicans. Because the people of Maryland want solutions, Maryland Democrats have widened our 2 to 1 margin over Republicans. With Senator Mikulski and Governor O'Malley on the ballot, Maryland Democrats are stronger than ever and ready for 2010.

“Congratulations again to Chairwoman Scott. We look forward to a vigorous debate working to find positive solutions to the critical issues facing our nation and out state. Given the national recession, our families deserve and expect nothing less.”