Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eli El: "The Devil will not break my God given WILL"

District 20 Delegate candidate Eli El continues to be unhappy with our revelations about his domestic abuse case, sending in eleven different comments to our original post on the subject. (One of the others came from an individual representing the "National Coalition of Men" urging male voters to "get out the penis vote" for El.) Following is the text of his most recent comment.


In this matter, Judge William G. Simmons proves my point..."The Mind Can Only Reason What The Heart Can Process".

I am not trying to get too philosophical over the internet; However, this "keeping it real" moment is absolutely needed. Most of us believe in some Higher Being. I believe in God. For me, God is The Provider of all Grace and Fulfillment; The Creator of Light, Love, and Life; The Great Architect of the Universe; The Creator of all things seen and unseen. If you believe in God, you may also know that there is a Devil {The Tempter}. The Devil is the opposite of everything that is good. In disputes, debates, fights, hostilities, and confrontation; we often blame our colleagues, spouses, children, bosses, or friends. However, in most cases, we fail to identify the true enemy...the Devil.

The Devil's goal is to:

Again, I did nothing to threaten or harm anyone. The facts prove it.

Isaiah 54:17 reads, '...no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD.'

Throughout history, there have been many religious accounts of God's children who have been falsely persecuted and unjustly punished. One of the Devil's goals is to take away your WILL to do good deeds. The Devil is just as active in 33 B.C. and he is in 2009 A.D. My enemy is not Judge William G. Simmons; I know who is the true enemy whom is always determined to destroy what God has placed together. The Spiritual Enemy {Devil} has won that battle, but he will not win the war. The Devil will not break my God given WILL. I pray that every person, who reads this blog posting, continues to support me as I continue to walk uprightly before God and Man. Please don’t allow yourself to be influenced by the Devil.

I urge that you remain focused and not ever be temped by the Devil who makes many offers and sets many traps in order to disrupt your true calling. Whether are a student, single-parent, business owner, Scientist, religious leader, Soldier, professional athlete, or even The President of the United States of America...Do NOT let the Devil:

DECEIEVE you with disappointment, fear, or even temporary gifts
DISRUPT your path or destiny
DIVIDE your families, friends, and loved ones

Recommended Readings:
The Strategy of Satan: How to Detect and Defeat Him by Warren W. Wiersbe
The Rules of Engagement: The Art of Strategic Prayer And Spiritual Warfare by N. Cindy Trimm

If you have other suggested readings, please reply with your recommendations.

Warm Regards,
Eli El