Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gaithersburg Results In

Unofficial results suggest a landslide for the three candidates supported by Mayor Sidney Katz:

  • Ahmed Ali - 917
  • Shawn Ali - 460
  • Jud Ashman - 2,241
  • Cathy C. Drzyzgula - 2,418
  • Wilson Lee Faris - 982
  • Carlos Solis - 993
  • Ryan Spiegel - 2,000
Carlos Solis and Ahmed Ali, endorsed by One Gaithersburg. Ryan Spiegel was endorsed by One Gaithersburg but was also endorsed by Mayor Katz. Despite receiving endorsements from both of the two major slates, Spiegel interestingly came in last of the three winners. The two other candidates on the One Gaithersburg slate trailed badly. Wilson Lee Faris, the most strongly anti-immigrant candidate did comparably well.

The election results have to be read as a resounding endorsement of Mayor Katz. None of the incumbents sought reelection and his preferred candidates won all of the seats by a margin of more than 2-1.