Saturday, February 12, 2011

Town of Chevy Chase Council Meeting

The following is an unofficial summary of the Town Council meeting of February 9th.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, the Council held a moment of silence in memory of Arthur Schatzkin and Roy Gordon.

Variance Request

The Council unanimously approved a request by John and Ellen Barnes to permit the replacement of a front-yard fence.

Montgomery County Civic Federation Membership

The Council decided to put off a decision on whether to join the Civic Federation until it can get more answers to some questions about the obligations of membership.

Intersection Changes at East Ave. and the Thornapple Path

The Town Council held a public hearing on proposed changes to the intersection of East Ave. and the Thornapple Path. After receiving much valuable input from residents, the Council agreed unanimously that parking restrictions within 20 feet on the southeast side of the crosswalk are needed to improve visibility but that it would be better to leave the Thornapple Path and the crosswalk at their current locations.

Committee Reports

The Town Council heard committee reports from our Town Committee chairs: The activities of the committees are too numerous to report here so I’ll mention just a few highlights. Chair Judy McGuire explained that the Climate Committee just held a very successful and well-attended Food Fest in conjunction with the Environment Committee. The Committee is also involved in a review of the Town’s effort to reach the goals outlined in the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement.

Bridget Hartman reviewed the numerous events hosted by the Community Relations Committee, such as the Town’s Annual Progressive Dinner and the upcoming Chili Dinner on February 27, and has led a number of community service events, such as the holiday gift program and the Manna Food Drive. Chair Sally Kelly outlined that the Environment Committee is in the process of reviewing the Tree Ordinance and working with the Community Relations Committee on the annual Garden Tour to include information on sustainable gardening.

Long-Range Planning Committee Co-Chairs Tina Coplan and Steve Seidel reviewed the numerous forums held in conjunction with last year’s election as well as the Town’s involvement in monitoring developments, such as the Pearl Street project and the review of the Chevy Chase Lake Sector Plan, which impact Town residents. Purple Line Mitigation Committee Chair Maryann Hoffman explained that her committee was monitoring the MTA’s new noise study and continuing to work on the crossing at Lynn Drive.

Chevy Chase Historical Society

New CCHS President Bridget Hartman outlined for the Council the activities of the
Society related to the Town, including the upcoming Chevy Chase history day to be held May 1 in the Town.