Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sen. Madaleno Now Speaking on Marriage to the Senate

You can listen here. He's begun with a thanks to the late Sen. Gwendolyn Britt who was the lead sponsor of the bill--to absolutely no political benefit to herself but out of a firm belief in civil rights grounded in her own heroic efforts to integrate Maryland. Sen. Madaleno is now talking about his relationship with his husband, Mark, of many years who yet remains a legal stranger to him.

Rough quote: "Every generation of Americans has held out their hand to a new group, saying you are not the other, you are us."

Now, he's talking about his responsibility as a parent and as legislator. "This will be a memorable day that will help thousands of Marylanders. I am so proud that in Maryland, as we have from the beginning, that we look toward toleration and toward a better future of us all."