Monday, February 14, 2011

Patriot Act Musical Chairs

The House of Representatives voted once again on February 14th on the reauthorization of the Patriot Act after it failed on February 9th. While consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, our delegation really outdid themselves this time. As one political maven commented to me: "You can smell the positioning." See who changed their votes and how after the jump.

Vote Switchers
Changed from Yes to Absent: Van Hollen (D).
Changed from No to Yes: Bartlett (R), Cummings (D), Edwards (D).
Changed from Yes to No: Harris (R), Hoyer (D).

Two Consistent Votes
Yes to Reauthorization: Ruppersberger (D).
No to Reauthorization: Sarbanes (D)

Oh, and this time the reauthorization succeeded as it needed just a majority instead of two-thirds as before when it was brought forward by the Republican leadership under rules requiring that level of support.