Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shane Robinson on Marriage Equality

A snippet from the piece that Del. Shane Robinson wrote for Montgomery Village Patch:

Last Tuesday, hundreds descended on Annapolis for a hearing on a bill before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee that would extend equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. Amongst those was Chrys Kefalas—former Deputy Legal Counsel to Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich.

Mr. Kefalas spoke bravely about his struggle with his identity, a struggle that almost ended with him taking his own life. He also eloquently urged the committee to consider the following: “…favorable action on this bill (SB-116) will begin to peel away centuries of unjust treatment on the basis of something as essential to our existence as our gender, as our ethnicity, and as our race.”

Indeed, our gay sons and daughters are born into this world without a choice regarding their sexual orientation. They are born gay or straight just like they are born with brown or blond hair, with blue or green eyes, with dark or light skin.