Monday, February 14, 2011

Rally for Equality in Annapolis

Montgomery leaders at today's rally for the bills on marriage equality and gender identity anti-discriminationon:

Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola (District 15)
“As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, no one can argue that the capacity and bond of love is any different between heterosexual and same-sex couples. It is time that Maryland not stand in the way of love and commitment, by providing the right of marriage for all couples, regardless of gender and sexuality.

The opposition knows that we are getting closer to achieving this civil right, so their voice is rising. We must continue to be louder, as we demand marriage equality in 2011.”

House Majority Leader Kumar Barve (District 17)
“I think it is absolutely vital for our community that all people be treated equally, the LGBT community in our state is no exception. Gay and lesbian citizens of our state should have all the rights and privileges that everyone else has.

I am very proud to be a sponsor of this legislation and SB 116/HB 175 is a testament to what it means to be an American and what it means to be free and equal in our society. It is important that there be no distinction to the rights, responsibilities, and privileges that we all have. For that reason, I think marriage equality it vital to our state, our country, and to our society.”

Delegate Ariana Kelly (District 16)
“I support this bill (HB235 on gender identity anti-discrimination) because it is a common sense measure that will protect Marylanders from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity just as you cannot discriminate based on religion or race. Montgomery County has had an anti-discrimination law since 2007. It has been implemented successfully, with no problems. It is time for all residents of our state to be treated fairly and equally under the law. I am glad the bill’s supporters will be in Annapolis tonight to speak with their legislators and show how strongly people believe in this measure.”

Attorney General, Doug Gansler
“Our nation began with multiple forms of exclusion and discrimination. Dismantling this final barrier to full citizenship for gays and lesbians is a moral imperative and a logical historical inevitability. This equalization of the marriage right is long overdue.”