Wednesday, February 03, 2010

County Executive's Office Comments on Pimping Castle (Updated)

County Executive spokesman Patrick Lacefield left the following comment on the notorious "Pimping Castle" in Bethesda. Unlike our satirical account of a mythological raid, Lacefield's statement should be taken seriously.

Update: The Examiner has more.

Update 2: So does the Post. Why do the MSM outlets not use the term "Pimping Castle," which is of course British Lucky Paul's term for the house? Have they no (ahem) balls?

Montgomery County government received a complaint regarding the property at 6304 Tone Drive, Bethesda. The complaint centered around the use of the property and activities taking place inside the residence. Upon receiving this complaint, a Department of Permitting Services inspector visited the property with police officers from Montgomery County’s Vice Squad on Friday, January 26. They were refused entrance to the residence. Because of what was seen inside the property, and what was observed on the business owner’s website, and the community’s complaints, the Department of Permitting Services has written a Notice of Violation citing a commercial business violation. The Notice gives the business operator three days (Feb. 4) to cease the commercial parties and activities at this location. If the property owner continues to operate the business after three days, a Civil Citation requiring a court appearance by the property owner will be required. The County will continue to work with the community to resolve this matter and shut down this illegal business as quickly as possible.

Patrick Lacefield
Montgomery County Public Information Office