Friday, January 11, 2008

Madaleno Moves Up

There is another change on the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, and this one is good news for people in Montgomery County (Are we Montgometarians?): Freshman Senator Rich Madaleno has been elevated to Vice Chair of the new Subcommittee on Health, Education, and Human Resources.

This one subcommittee will review roughly 75% of the general fund budget, and Madaleno's new leadership role will give him a better chance to help shape policy on education and healthcare. This helps progressives increase our influence on these issues. It also gets Madaleno into the Senate’s weekly fiscal leaders meeting. Not too shabby for a senator just starting his second year.

Now I know the very first thought that is occurring to most readers: If Sen. Madaleno is no longer on the subcommittee that deals with transportation issues, how will that impact the efforts to resolve the issues at Intersection of Death? Fear not - I called Madaleno's office, and his aides assured me that his influence on this issue will remain strong.