Monday, January 14, 2008

Political Flowers Are Blooming Early

The recent arctic blast leaves many a resident longing for warmer days. For some it is a chance to day dream of upcoming Nats spring training baseball games and for others they feel the pull to begin work in the garden. But political junkies know that in a Presidential election season this winter blast has us thinking of planting another type of flower. One that sprouts very quickly. It is called the campaign yard sign.

I saw my first ones this weekend. The first picture came from the Hillandale area that are part of Congressional District 4. Don't know much about Robert Broadus but since his signs were next to some Ron Paul signs it leads me to believe that the same person is putting them up. The Ron Paul yard signs are immediately outside Democratic newcomer's Jason Jennings residence -- the Enclave. Interesting that Broadus chose Albert Wynn's colors.

A google search of Robert Broadus found him to have a meetup location in Bethesda, which is outside of CD4. Yes, he is a disciple of Ron Paul. He is also a Naval Academy grad. Here is more about him.

This Donna Edwards yard sign came from my travels through Olney, in the heart of MoCo CD4.
Not to be outdone here is one of two Jason's yard signs I saw at the Colesville Giant (aka Northern Huckerville). Unfortunately, Jason's yard signs are near my home and I do not live in CD4. The entire intersection is in Chris Van Hollen's district. But upper New Hampshire Avenue cuts back and forth between the two congressional districts so he will be reaching CD4 voters.

Keep in mind that Ben Kramer had a huge yard sign there in the 2006 primary and it is well outside of the boundaries District 19. For Kramer the giant yard sign made sense since this shopping center is the world wide HQs of Kramer Enterprises, the family business.

Finally, after my interviewing George Mitchell yesterday I saw the handiwork of his campaign staff on my way to New Carrollton.

Keep your camera handy and send them along. We will see which campaign has the most creative ways of "beautifying" the neighborhood. Leave me a message. For a hint look at my profile. Let's have some fun with this!