Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Laurel Hospital Escape

Sally Hand on today's Laurel Hospital escape:

Today a violent felon escaped from Laurel Hospital, the second such escape in less than three months. My question is where were the guards? The newspaper reported that there was only one guard he had to overpower. How could this happen? This prisoner escaped from the hospital and high jacked a car, shooting the owner of he car. On TV shows like Law & Order there is always multiple police personnel stationed in the hospital. Is this pure fiction? Since one other prisoner had already escaped from this hospital and security was under review, why wasn't the highest level of security put in place? Where is the common sense? Kelvin Polk was serving life imprisonment for a series, I repeat series of violent crimes. Why was security so lax? Should Laurel Hospital have a prison ward? Are prison personnel so overworked that when a prisoner needs medical attention they just drop them off and expect others to take care of their charges? Who is responsible for this man? When will the security review be complete? Not a great way to inspire confidence in our criminal justice system.