Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Glover Fits, Acquits; Mine Don't

In a whirlwind of activity that lasted no more than thirty minutes, actor Danny Glover came out to support Donna Edwards the principal challenger in a six person race with Rep. Albert Wynn at the New Carrolton Metro stop.

Congress "needs passionate people who are engaged in the body politic," stated Glover in his endorsement of Edwards. For a man used to the bright lights of Hollywood, Glover felt at home mingling with well wishers, campaign staff, assembled media, a beaming candidate and yes even the occasional voter in the dimly lit entrance to the Orange Line station.

Amateur photographers such as this fair blogger need not worry about lighting as a steady steam of flash cameras going off and TV lights covering every step made each shot a cinch. If there was to have been a fire drill no one could have passed such was the crowd that gathered to listen Glover, a one-time student of American University and
a former city government worker. In fact that is the reason I switched from reporter to cameraman as the crowd made it difficult to hear all comments from both headliners. I have also not mastered the act of shorthand while wearing thick winter gloves on top of fighting a runny nose.

As a veteran of the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary where candidates and celebrities mix calmly among the voters and reporters last night's event was the Congressional equivalent.

These photo ops are usually not about targeting likely voters. You have no idea if the audience are: in your district, registered and then willing to come out for you. But you still do it because they create news, it is easy to find volunteers to staff it and you have a built-in buzz for those around the campaign.

Still her message of change to this Metro throng matched the national candidates as well on the same day that 8 term incumbent endorsed the leading change candidate.

Maryland may not be a player on the national stage come primary but this race might well be our personal Super Tuesday.