Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wheaton Small Business Owner: "If Costco Comes Here, We Will Not Survive"

The Examiner is the first mainstream media outlet to do original reporting on the county's plan to give a $4 million subsidy to create a Costco store in Wheaton. No County Council Member would speak about it on the record, but Director of Economic Development Steve Silverman defended the project.

The Examiner article carried two quotes from Marchone's owner Filippo Leo:

We've been over here 54 years and I can testify for so many businesses who are trying to make ends meet with this economy today... If Costco comes here, we will not survive. It's like Wal-Mart. Wherever these big chains go -- mom and pop stores, they die off.

Why doesn't the County Council give the $4 million to us? To the people who created jobs and paid taxes here all these years? Why don't they be loyal to the county? We are Wheaton-loyal people. Wheaton is my home.
Filippo is a very respected business owner in Wheaton. He has served as a county advisory committe member and helped to create Local First Wheaton, the area's small business association. Marchone's, an excellent Italian deli, is one of Wheaton's most beloved independent businesses. The County Council should heed Filippo's words carefully.