Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Berliner Releases Gigantic Supporter List

County Council District 1 incumbent Roger Berliner has released a list of 158 supporters in his kickoff announcement for his re-election campaign. We expect incumbents to receive lots of institutional support and backing from other incumbents, but it's the sign-on from individual opinion leaders inside the district that we find the most interesting.

One potential weakness Berliner has is his support for light rail on the Purple Line, which is unpopular in some parts of Chevy Chase. And yet Town of Chevy Chase Mayor Kathy Strom, former Mayor Mier Wolf and former Delegate John Hurson (D-18), all rail opponents, have endorsed him! As for the rest of the list, we normally like to give detailed assessments of who's who and may do that in the near future. But trust us - there's a LOT of supporters and this blogger has to move this story now!

We reprint the press release and supporter list below.