Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ali Claims $170,000+ (Second Update)

Delegate Saqib Ali (D-39) claims to have raised $90,000 during 2009 and to possess over $170,000 on hand for his Senate... er, excuse us, Delegate... race. We reprint his statement from his blog below.

Our Grassroots Fundraising and the Financial Deadline

This past Wednesday was the all-important financial filing deadline for all candidates running for state and local office in Maryland, as well the last day my campaign was allowed to accept contributions until the end of this year’s legislative session (in April).

I am extremely proud to announce that in the year-long campaign filing period that ended on January 13th, our progressive, grassroots campaign raised an impressive total of $90,000, leaving us with over $170,000 on hand -- amongst the highest of any Montgomery County State legislator. In doing so, we affirmed that our grassroots organization is strong and prepared for what promises to be an exciting election in the fall. You can see the financial report yourself by clicking here.

Even more impressive than the amount of money we raised is the number of individual donors who contributed. A total of 331 people (not PACs, not corporations, not lobbyists) donated in 2009/2010, and they now own a piece of this campaign. This means that individual donors account for 80% of our total financial contributions. This is a very high percentage when compared against other elected officials. You can see that analysis yourself by clicking here.

I am honored and humbled by the hundreds of kind people who have given me their wealth, their friendship and their confidence. I will continue to strive to represent regular people over special-interests ever day I'm in Annapolis. Thanks to the collective generosity of many, I can be an independent voice for you rather than beholden to the special interests.

Thank you,

- Saqib

Update: Ali told the truth except that his $90,008.40 in receipts included a $15,000 loan to himself. His report is up on the state's website.

Update 2: Senator Nancy King, Ali's opponent... er, slate-mate... raised $42,035 and finished with $62,632.07 in the bank.