Sunday, December 19, 2010

Investigators Raid Home of Ehrlich Robocaller

In case you missed the Baltimore Sun story. Attorney General Doug Gansler says enough is enough and has filed a civil lawsuit:

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler has filed a civil lawsuit against Henson, alleging voter intimidation and vote suppression.

Gansler’s complaint alleges that Henson and an employee violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by because the phone message did not include any identifying information. Gansler is seeking $500 for each violation, which would add up to a fine of more than $56 million
It appears, however, that Republicans think that don't ask, don't tell isn't only for gays in the military:

Henson said Ehrlich “probably” did not know about the calls. Ehrlich’s campaign paid Henson $111,000 for “community outreach.”

Ehrlich told the Annapolis Capital last week that the calls were “done outside of my purview.” When news of the calls broke on Election Night, an Ehrlich spokesman called them “absolutely irresponsible.”