Monday, June 22, 2009

Young Guns of MoCo, Part One

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, welcome to a special MPW series. Beginning today, we are unveiling the next generation of MoCo leaders – the ones who will inherit this county, and maybe the state as well.

Remember when you were fresh out of college? I sure do. Back in the good old days, my priorities were booze, babes and bling. (Now they’re diapers, Da-Da and doo-doo.) But MoCo is home to a growing cohort of young people with a very different priority: politics.

These youngsters are challenging the status quo at every level. They are organizing, volunteering, strategizing, lobbying and even legislating. Some of them are already among the best at their trade. Others are catching up rapidly. Today’s county leadership, most of whom are in their 50s or older, needs to look over their shoulders. The next wave is fast breaking upon their shores.

We wanted to identify these Young Guns, the best of the best of the new generation. And so we turned to the greatest intelligence organization in the county: MPW’s omnipresent spy network. We asked our informants to identify people up through age 35 who live in or work in Montgomery County and either have significant influence now or have great potential for influence in the near future. Forty-two spies answered our call and submitted a combined total of sixty-nine names. Ten of them rose to the top and have earned recognition from this blog. They are the Young Guns. Remember these names, people, because you will be hearing them for a long time.

Tomorrow, we will begin revealing their identities in ascending order of number of votes cast. Don’t miss it!