Thursday, June 25, 2009

Young Guns of MoCo, Part Four

Here they are, the three most influential people in MoCo aged 35 or under. Give me these three on my team and I can whup any other five people you pick.

3. Lisa Fadden, 27
Vice-President, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
15 Votes

Respondent: Lisa Fadden is smart and passionate. She loves her job and it shows. She’s not just a “one to watch” cliché. She’s already a leader. She’s sworn off elected office, but I wouldn’t be so sure. We need more folks like Lisa.

Respondent: Connected with everyone; really smart; thinking ahead about issues facing the county.

Respondent: Smart and charming, helps advance the business community’s political agenda in Annapolis and Rockville without the abrasiveness of past Chamber staff.

Respondent: Lisa is the next woman to lead the Chamber. She has a great policy background and presents her issues to electeds extremely well. She has a lot of room to move up in the corporate world and her experience in Montgomery County will help her be a great fit at any company.

Respondent: Lisa is a rising star and key behind the scenes player in Montgomery County and Annapolis, and a respected and highly knowledgeable source on transportation, fiscal and tax policy, and other economic and quality of life issues as well as politics.

Respondent: Even in progressive and Democratic Montgomery County the Chamber has a seat at the table. That is partly due to the energy and intelligence of this lady. She tries to stay out of partisan politics but knows everyone and every issue.

Respondent: Lisa is the shining star of the under 35 crowd in Montgomery County politics. She runs the Chamber’s legislative efforts with remarkable strategy, intelligence and a mastery of the issues. Lisa’s professional efforts are complimented by a friendly and welcoming demeanor that makes people want to be around her – and elected officials are no exception.

Respondent: The VP of Government Affairs for the Chamber of Commerce is smart and sassy and an active lobbyist, especially for transportation projects - like the Purple Line and CCT - of importance not only to the business community, but also to young people. Without the baggage of having been involved in the ICC, Clarksburg, and other business/developer debacles, Lisa may be able to reshape the image of business in Montgomery.

Adam: Brings a devastating combination of brains, relentlessness and pragmatism to her job. Always plans ahead. Never gives up on an issue. Turbocharged Supergirl is tougher than you are, going on 50-mile runs and 100-mile bicycle rides just for the joy of kicking butt.

2. Jackie Lichter, 29
Political Director, SEIU Local 500
16 Votes

Respondent: Union diva with aspirations - a powerful combination.

Respondent: Great policy advocate, great political advocate. Passes SEIU priorities, elects SEIU priority candidates. Will make for a great candidate someday.

Respondent: The future face of union bosses? Smart, hard-working and liberal – she’d do justice to collective bargaining in the County. But she’s also a tough field operator, having coordinated SEIU’s Virginia effort for Obama and twice worked on campaigns for Nancy Navarro. Whatever direction her career heads in, she’s one to keep an eye on.

Respondent: She’s a smart strategist, a high-energy labor leader, and a committed advocate. Whether she runs herself some day or chooses to help elect others, Jaclyn will be on the horizon as a “player” in Montgomery County for many years to come.

Respondent: Talented field organizer and consummate campaign pro who played a big role in Nancy Navarro’s win. Smart, hard-working, able to reach beyond traditional labor base and work as part of a broader coalition in the community.

Respondent: Quickly gaining a reputation for being both sharp and effective. One of the masterminds behind the successful Navarro campaign and gained experience helping run SEIU’s ground operation for Obama in Virginia. Also a prominent leader in her own right - is active in the women’s community.

Respondent: A sure candidate some day soon. Jackie is a constant presence around county political leaders and helped bring Navarro to victory for SEIU. When people talk about young progressive leaders in the county, they are talking about Jackie.

Respondent: She is the secret weapon. Make no mistake about the fact that Jackie will outwork everybody and look the best while doing it. She has earned her stripes and I am betting on her to go really far at whatever she wants to do politically in Montgomery County. That means either behind the scenes or as a candidate.

Adam: All of our young guns are smart and Jackie is no exception. What sets her apart is her savvy, people skills and campaign experience. The electeds she lobbies give her high marks. She has more options for the future than anyone else on this list. Whatever role she chooses, she will be a force in this county for a long, long time.

1. David Moon, 30
Chief of Staff, Council Member Nancy Navarro
Former Campaign Manager for Jamie Raskin, Nancy Navarro, Purple Line NOW
17 Votes

Respondent: There is nobody better at running campaigns in this county than David Moon. Just look at what he was able to do at the helm for Nancy Navarro. He has earned a lot of respect from folks all over Montgomery County. Everybody wants to hire him.

Respondent: This is a no-brainer. He delivered Navarro to the County Council by reaching out to demographics no one expected to even vote, let alone vote in a special primary election. Moon knows what the changing face of Montgomery County looks like because, as one of a small but growing number of politically active people of color, he’s part of it.

Respondent: David is not a showman or an extrovert but a methodical and inexhaustible analyst, conceptual thinker and workhorse. In Raskin’s 2006 campaign, Moon frequently pulled all-nighters at Raskin headquarters. He’s also a MoCo native.

Respondent: Responsible for two major campaign victories at a young age: Raskin (2006) and Navarro (2009). Let’s hope he’s got one more in him (Purple Line, 2011).

Respondent: David Moon is a proven, winning campaign manager. From Jamie Raskin’s 2006 race to Nancy Navarro’s 2009 Special Election, David has used a variety of cutting-edge strategies to get his candidates' name out there and get voters to the polls. He is a master-strategist who also has an excellent grasp of all things policy. He doesn’t seem interested in running for political office, but would like to run many campaigns one day, I’m sure!

Respondent: Behind the scenes, he is orchestrating a significant amount of Montgomery County’s progressive politics. Purple Line coalition work was excellent - he is a young gun for hire.

Respondent: David is incredibly smart and very progressive on the issues...he’s also an all-around nice person. However, his outwardly laid-back demeanor hides an aggressive strategist and a political fighter - he is not to be underestimated. That said, he gets along really well with all sorts of people and should be able to help Nancy forge consensus on tough issues.

Respondent: David has earned an incredible reputation as a campaign organizer. His successes include the Jamie Raskin campaign, the successful efforts to mobilize supporters of the Purple Line, and a win for Nancy Navarro in 2009. David will be among the most coveted campaign managers for Dems in Moco come 2010. While he at first appears quiet and reserved, he is actually very opinionated about all things related to progressive politics and knows how to turn out voters.

Adam: In just four years of work, Moon is now the most feared campaign operative in the county. Organized, obsessive and intensely competitive, he will out-think and out-work any rivals. MANY politicians are considering hiring this guy if only to keep him from working for their opponents.

Dear readers, all of these youngsters are going to rock your world for a long time. Just remember, we called it first!