Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vanessa Ali: Heaven or Hell? You Decide

District 14 Delegate candidate Vanessa Ali comes well recommended. No, not by Governor O’Malley. And no, not by Senator Barbara Mikulski. And no, not even by Ike Leggett. You see, she is a woman walking under the anointing of God.

Don’t believe us? Just ask her!

At last weekend’s Colesville strawberry festival, Ali was handing out the palm card shown below. The card refers to a website ( that is not yet active. (Why on Earth do candidates distribute lit referring to inactive websites?)

But Vanessa Ali does have another website: this one. “It is not by chance that you are here at this time,” she says. “God bought you here so that He could speak to your heart, and we could share our ministry with you.” That’s right, folks – it’s “bought,” not “brought!”

Ali is a minister, but not just any ordinary minister. “Vanessa Ali’s dynamic style of preaching and teaching touches hundreds of lives as she ministers locally and globally in conferences. Vanessa Ali has been given a mandate to empower people of God. Vanessa Ali ministers to the spiritual needs of people worldwide through letters of encouragement, cassette tapes, books, conferences, retreats, and quarterly newsletters.”

Ali’s ministry includes “speaking in tongues.” This is good preparation for politics.

“A prophetic word gave her the charge and mission for her life. God began to show Vanessa visions of herself speaking before multitudes of people. After much fasting and prayer, and upon the divine leading of the Holy Spirit, she established Bethel Christian Center in Burtonsville, Maryland in July 2003. She is the founding pastor of a charismatic, non-denominational church where the gifts and fruits of the spirit are manifested in the life of the believer from the least to the greatest.” The address of Bethel Christian Center matches Ali’s home address.

“Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of you life Now!



Become an “E-Partner” and “Support us through monthly financial pledges.” Again, good training for politics.

So you better be careful which lever you pull on Election Day, folks. Heaven or Hell – you decide!