Monday, September 14, 2009

Hunk of the Hill Runs for Delegate

One of Capitol Hill’s most beautiful people is running for Delegate in District 19. Ladies of Layhill, have a look!

Samir “Sam” Arora, a 28-year-old Georgetown Law School student who grew up in Derwood, is entering the jam-packed field of actual and potential Delegate candidates in District 19. Arora is a graduate of Columbia University and a former staffer for Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), the Democratic National Committee and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY). He later worked on Clinton’s presidential campaign as a spokesman.

None of this is remarkable for Montgomery County, a place that has more political staffers than a mutt has fleas. Every election cycle, hordes of these young’ns shed their training wheels and try to bike with the big boys in a race for office. But how many of them are named one of Capitol Hill’s most beautiful people? Sam Arora was in 2006, and he was the only Ivy Leaguer to make the list. Check him out!

He’s a nice guy too. Here’s Sam Twittering in July 2008 that Hillary’s campaign stiffed him for $1,000 and insisted he pay for his own $5 taxi to boot.

Even so, Sam still fought hard to put his former boss on the Presidential ticket. Here he is making the case for Vice-President Hillary.

Not enough for you? He also auditioned for a reality show. Thankfully for him, it never made it to production. Even Saqib Ali never did that! (OK, who are we kidding? Saqib is a walking reality show!)

We just have two teensy-weensy problems with the Darling of Derwood. First, why is he having his first fundraiser in D.C.? And why reveal a host committee for that fundraiser that does not include a single District 19 resident?

Second, this is District 19, for heaven’s sake! Remember, these are the people who voted for Len Teitelbaum, Adrienne Mandel, Carol Petzold and Hank Heller for three straight terms. Their average age was 70 in 2006, the last year they held office together. Tell me that if Arora knocks on doors in Leisure World, at least a couple of the residents won’t offer to call his parents to come and pick him up.

There is one silver lining here. Sam Arora is supposed to bear “an uncanny resemblance to actor Ben Stiller.” If that’s true, he should send Jerry Stiller into Leisure World to campaign for him. Now that will round up some votes!