Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Young Guns of MoCo, Part Three

The young guns are getting more dangerous. Here are Six, Five and Four.

6. Marc Korman, 27
Member, Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee
Contributor, Maryland Politics Watch
10 Votes

Respondent: Law student and Central Committee member: Marc is “in the know” on several fronts - local issues, the Hill and general state politics. Marc's leadership of the MC Young Dems helped get more Young Dems elected in 2006 than any of us could remember. He’s a regular name on the host committees of all the players in the county and an unabashedly nice, friendly guy - something you don’t see very often in the hypercompetitive and ambitious bubble that is the Montgomery County Young Democrats.

Respondent: Hard-working, thoughtful, fair. We are likely to see him on the judicial bench or in Annapolis.

Respondent: Very bright analyst, a comer in the party, either behind the scenes or running himself.

Respondent: Smart, insightful, dedicated. Would not bet against him in anything.

Respondent: Whether you agree with his positions or not, you’ve got to agree that the guy is just bright! Marc leads the Democrats’ District 16 precinct volunteers with great organization and tireless contributions. When he is ready – look out for a quick rise of the Honorable Marc Korman.

Respondent: One of the most effective members of the MCDCC. Sees it as a force for helping strengthen the party, not just as a social club for aging Dems.

Respondent: Influential regular contributor to MPW and MCDCC member. Getting his law degree. Very smart. Will no doubt remain an intellectual force in MoCo, influencing policy and perspectives for years to come.

Adam: Korman belongs in Annapolis. If he doesn’t run by 2014, I am kicking him off this blog as punishment.

5. Bill Frick, 34
Delegate, District 16
12 Votes

Respondent: Delegate Frick has in short order earned himself an incredible reputation in Annapolis. He is well regarded by his colleagues and others in Annapolis. He sits on the influential Ways and Means Committee and has already proven that he won’t simply rubber stamp the decisions of leadership. As a Harvard law school grad, he certainly has the intellectual capacity as well as the people skills to have significant influence.

Respondent: Smart, aggressive, likeable, rational – and fun / funny.

Respondent: Very smart and quick to learn his way around Annapolis.

Respondent: I predict he will succeed Frosh in the Senate and could break through statewide. He has the intelligence, drive, and personality for it.

Respondent: Mere months after the “Who the Frick is Bill” article, I believe Bill has begun to make a name for himself. When you speak to Bill about an issue you get the impression that he actually understands what you are talking about. Sadly one does not get that impression from all elected officials.

Respondent: He’s doing things the right way in Annapolis and will be rewarded for that. He hit the ground running right before the Special Session in 2007 and has been a strong legislator on the Ways and Means Committee the past two sessions. He could quickly work his way up into Leadership in Annapolis.

Adam: Central committee appointee has the complete package: looks, brains, tact, charisma and a sense of humor. All he needs is a convincing electoral win and he is on his way to the top.

4. Jeff Waldstreicher, 29
Delegate, District 18
13 Votes

Respondent: A dogged campaigner and patient legislator.

Respondent: Showing more influence and maturity than he did when he ran.

Respondent: He is not everyone’s favorite delegate, but he is a hard worker who looks at the long term. I hear people say that he is future leadership or, more likely, a future committee chairman.

Adam: Received several votes from his colleagues, a sign of growing respect in the legislature. Don’t be fooled by his youthful appearance. This guy is already a superior tactician and a very shrewd player, both in Annapolis and in his district.

Tomorrow, we’ll reveal the final three!